About Us

My profound interest in cigars started when I was merely a young girl’ watching my father indulge in his beloved cigars. I loved the smell and longed to take a draw! And when that day came I was hooked!

My father was from a small New York town with a big dream…to be a World Champion Poker Player.

I witnessed my first World Series of Poker at Binion’s Horseshoe by my father’s side at 11 years old…something most people would think you shouldn’t be proud of. But for me to the contrary. I am very proud because he beat the odds.

That pride is reflective in everything I do. He showed me that nothing is unobtainable if you want it bad enough. You simply have to be the best!

And with Bella Dama it’s no different…we produce only the highest quality hand rolled cigar blends.

I learned from the champion himself…that’s how we Roll!

We look forward to helping you celebrate all the victories in your life!

~The Bella Dama Cigar Family